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100 Days of Making Comics Days 15-21

Week 3 of the 100 Days of Making Comics challenge. Although my ultimate goal is to eventually find a full time job, I do like the fact that cobbling together part-time work does give you more time to work on personal projects.

Day 15: Creepy-faced lady receives a puppy as I begin drawing Page 8.

Day 16: Starting to ink Page 8. Also, Creepy-faced lady is no longer quite as creepy!

Day 17: The nice thing about black is it covers up some of your mistakes! I also went with black for the pages in this spread since it's part of a dream sequence/flashback and I wanted to separate it from the rest of the story.

Day 18: Finished Page 8.

Day 19: On to Page 9!

Day 20: Inking Page 9.

Day 21: Starting to wrap things up on Page 9. This page took me a while, as you can tell. I'll show the finished project next time, so stay tuned.

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