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The Return of Sketchbook Sunday

Feeling inspired by the artist Cloverkin, whom I saw at the Indiana Comic Con yesterday, and her “Pets in Armor series,” I decided to draw some decked out animal characters of my own. And, what better than to combine two of my favorite things: cats and a certain hip-hop Broadway musical that is sold out until the year 2189?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Hamilcat!

Confession time? Here’s what I got:

This is not an entirely original idea to have the Hamilton characters as cats. I know you can go on the internet and find adorable images of “Aaron Purr.” But this is my version, because I’ve been listening to the soundtrack almost non-stop for the last several months. But don’t worry. There are times when I need some variety so I’ll switch it over to Moana… Okay, I’ll admit I have a tiny obsession to listening to Lin-Manuel Miranda songs currently. (Sorry, neighbors!)

But I do commend the man's musical genius for getting me excited about the founding of the United States government (where was this musical when I was in high school?) as well as learning a little more about Alexander Hamilton beyond the fact that he's on the ten dollar bill.

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