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Sketchbook Sunday - May 14

I have been hanging out a lot recently with a friend and fellow artist who loves Hamilton as much as I do. This past week we challenged ourselves to draw Eliza and Angelica Schuyler as characters in our own illustrative styles. After several attempts to draw Angelica and capture her fiery personality, I eventually gave up and found that I was better at drawing Alexander Hamilton and the other male characters. This surprised me since I have always preferred drawing girls and women when it came to human characters, but recently I've found it easier in drawing men. Perhaps it is because I feel more comfortable exaggerating and giving more variation to male facial features since there's less pressure for male characters to conform to our "standard of beauty." This is probably why I enjoyed drawing the men for the face shape challenge much more than their female counterparts. I tend to draw women with similar shapes that society seems to find appealing: anime/manga shaped face, soft and delicate curves, slender build. Good for making pretty pictures, but not so much for making characters with distinct personalities.

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