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100 Days of Making Comics Days 22-28

Day 22: Finished Page 9! Is it weird that my favorite part of the drawing is the hand holding the beer bottle in panel 3?

Day 23: On to Page 10!

Day 24: Starting to ink Page 10 with my Pentel Pocket brush pen (pictured), which is my favorite tool of choice when inking.

Day 25: Finishing up Page 10, along with a random assortment of pens I use. In addition to my Pentel brush pen that was mentioned previously, I use a fatter Faber-Castell brush pen and some various sized Microns (mostly .05) for the details. I also later went back to this page and added some more darks since I thought it looked a bit empty compared to the other pages.

Day 26: Pencils for Page 11. I use a mechanical pencil for this stage.

Day 27: Inking the main outlines first.

Day 28: Adding some details and the blacks.

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