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Sketchbook Sunday

Since last Sunday was Easter, of course I had to draw a bunny. It was also a nice way to practice more of the outlining with colored pencil technique. I do like the softer look of the colored pencil outline with marker illustrations. I also sketched out some thumbnails for some upcoming pages in my comic.

Because I've been mostly working on my comic in my spare time, I haven't done as much sketching as usual, but I did have a chance to do some doodling while proctoring exams at the school where I work. I don't draw from life as often as I probably should, so I decided to draw the school's therapy dog, a sweet and lovable black lab named Bella, who was crashed on her bed in one corner of room while waiting for the students to finish testing. Unfortunately, I didn't have my sketchbook, so I had to use copier paper and tape it in to the book later. But it works well with covering up pages with bleed-through (as you can see from Aaron Purr's pants in the corner...)

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